Monte Carlo Casino

Monte Carlo Casino

Monte Carlo Casino

Built back in 1878 by Charles Garnier the Casino de Monte Carlo has been hosting games for many many years. This casino is exquisite in its design, with the ‘atrium’ room being paved in marble and  surrounded by onyx columns.

Leading into the opera auditorium, the beauty turns heads with reds and golds and a collection of statues. For centuries, many operas, ballet performances and plays have been staged and watched in the ‘Salle Garnier’, the auditorium off the atrium

The gaming rooms in the Monte Carlo casino are what it is all about, however, and they sport as much beauty as the atrium does  with sculptures and colors that astound the naked eyes of the gambler. What a beautiful place to play a game of Black Jack or what surroundings for the slot machines.

Not many casinos can boast of the art and decor that the  Monte Carlo casino is full of. The games are still the same and the fun is still the same, though, and many come from miles and miles to play the dice at the Monte Carlo casino.

Rules have been in place at the Monte Carlo casino since it began. Most people who visit the Monte Carlo casino don’t have any  problem with rules. Starting off, no one under the age of 18 is allowed into the casino for no reason whatsoever, no exceptions. You must have a correct ID upon entering the casino and you must adhere to the dress code that is enforced.

Men should always wear a jacket and tie while women should dress casually. No blue jeans, t shirts and tennis shoes will be tolerated. Gamblers must limit their visits to 30 minutes or less. This is simply put there as a safety precaution to guard your investment from yourself.

Casino de Monte Carlo

The rooms that you will play in will depend on what game you favor the best. There is a choice of European rooms, private rooms, and the English Club room. There vis as great time span that these rooms are open and will last for almost a year.

The fun you can have at the Monte Carlo casino will surpass any other gaming room experience you have ever had. If you prefer table games, you will have your choice of many at the Monte Carlo casino. From European roulette, English roulette, craps, American roulette, Black Jack, and many, many more. Don’t forget about the slot machines that are waiting for you to win.

Win big with the exclusive major jackpot, only at the Monte Carlo casino or how about the Mystery Jackpot that will win you something even when you aren’t a winner! The games never end at this casino and neither does the fun. If you are planning to go gambling for a little fun, you need to make plans to visit the Monte Carlo casino for the best ever casino experience.

No where else on the globe can provide you with as much casino variety and fun as the Monte Carlo casino does and the hotels nearby will be waiting to to lodge you in exclusive luxury room, with fine dining and drink. Don’t put off you trip to Monte Carlo casino any longer and start making your plans to go enjoy the fruits of Monaco.

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