Monaco (m?n?ko?), officially the Principality of Monaco (French: Principauté de Monaco; Monégasque: Principatu de Múnegu; Italian: Principato di Monaco; Occitan: Principat de Mónegue; sometimes spelled Monako), is a country located in south western Europe, on the northern central coast of the Mediterranean Sea, specifically at the geographic coordinates 43 44 N, 7 24 E.

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Monaco is surrounded on three sides by France, and its centre is about 16 km from Italy. Its area is 1.98 km2 (0.76 sq mi). The official figure for the Monegasque population was 35,881 in December 2010, an increase of 0.66% – 235 individuals – over the same month of the previous year. The figure includes Monegasques and residents.

Monaco is a principality governed under a form of constitutional monarchy, with Prince Albert II as head of state. The Genoese built a fortress on the site of present day Monaco in 1215. The current ruling Grimaldi family first seized temporary control in 1297, and again in 1331, but were not able to permanently secure their holding until 1419. The state’s sovereignty was officially recognized by the Franco-Monegasque Treaty of 1861.

The principality’s mild climate, splendid scenery, and gambling facilities have made Monaco world famous as a tourist and recreation center and going to Monaco is like sneaking off into paradise.

Wake up everyday while you are there to see the Maritime Alps and get the greatest feeling of being alive that you can imagine. If you are looking to do some traveling, make sure to go to the Principality of Monaco for a trip you will never forget.

The history of the Principality of Monaco will bleed into you as you are there because the past in this town is so vibrant and well protected that everyone who stays there will be blown away by the colors of Monaco’s history.

Since 1297, when Grimaldi seized the fortress of Monaco, the town has grown in it’s history and culture. The Grimaldi family celebrated 700 years of rule in 1997. A trip to Monaco will take you back in time as well as letting you relax and enjoy one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Through many years of royalty, Monaco has kept its  traditions and a lot of the old ways of life as well. If you don’t know much about the history of Monaco, you won’t have to do a whole lot to learn while you are there because it is right there in front you all the time. The buildings, the people and the landscapes speak of many years ago.

The Principality of Monaco - photo by Crevisio
The Principality of Monaco

Knowing when the best time too visit Monaco is a hard decision because there is so much that you will want to get into all year long. The religious and civil holiday traditions are some of the greatest reasons you should visit Monaco.

These times of the year bring together the people of Monaco for the times that mean the most to them. The meanings being these holidays are special and joining in on them would please not only the Monegasques, but you and your family will get to walk away with a sense of kinship with the people of this effulgent and magical land.

For an enlightening experience that will leave you wanting more, go to Monaco during February or March when you can get in on the carnival procession. There are dances, good food and everyone is in great spirits. The traditions that are included in this procession are curiously unique and will be a great learning experience  for the whole family.

Monaco Statistics

2017 Monaco Statistics PocketThe Monaco Statistics produce a number of free publications about the Principality of Monaco covering economic data as well as details about real estate, the population and much more.

Monaco Statistics role is to foster awareness of the economic and social environment and it has become the main observer of Monegasque activity. Through the guidance it provides to both business and public stakeholders.

Download the latest “Monaco Statistics Pocket”

The Princes Palace

The Princes Palace is probably the most beautiful structure in Monaco and is still today as it was years ago. Although the palace was turned in to military hospital and all the paintings auctioned off during the French revolution, the palace is restored and looks still today as it did all those years ago, thanks to the efforts of Prince Honore II. He reassembled the art collection and got everything back to its original state.

Today, from June to October, the Palace is open to visitors. There they can see the royal courtyard paved with 3,000,000 white and colored pebbles formed into beautiful geometrical patterns. On exhibit are the 16th-century Genovese frescoes depicting scenes from mythological. The columns and the spectacular double-revolution staircase inspired by a staircase at Fontainebleau are done in Carrara marble.

Prince's Palace of Monaco
Prince’s Palace of Monaco

The palace is still home to the current ruling prince. Of all the palaces in the world, this one is most exquisite in its furnishings and very unique in its construction.

One example of its uniqueness is the Mirror Gallery that makes the room look longer and larger than what it really is.

Monaco Olympics

The Monegasque Olympic Committee, under the patronage of H.S.H. Prince Rainier III, was formalised in 1953 by Sovereign Order n° 688 of 31st December 1952.The purpose of the Committee is to prepare and ensure the Principality’s representation at the Olympic Games organised by the International Olympic Committee.

Below a video from the Monaco Historical Bobsleigh Race in St Moritz 2011 where H.S.H.Prince Albert, who has received 5 olympic medals in this challenging sport, participated.

Monaco apps

If you are visiting the Principality of Monaco you can get My Monte-Carlo App featuring up-to-date facts and figures for the Principality’s legendary attractions, restaurants, bars, nightlife, hotels, shopping, spas, architecture.

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You can also get a dedicated app for the getting around in Monaco by bus, bikes or just paying for a parking spot for your car using the MonaPass app (iOS and Android).

Monaco wallpapers

If you are interested in pictures of Monaco – you can get some amazing photography created by Crevisio – below is an example.

Amazing Monaco wallpapers
Monaco – photo by Crevisio