Prince Albert’s New Year Speech

The full text of Prince Albert’s New Year speech for 2011, as translated from French by

Dear Compatriots, dear Friends,

I am pleased to express the warm wishes I have for each and everyone of you, at the dawn of the new year. In this period characterised by signs of economic recovery and where environmental concerns are now better understood, I would hope that we all recognize the need to adopt a lifestyle looking to the future.

Together, we demonstrate our confidence in the future and feeling a real solidarity, both with our loved ones in our own country, and beyond our borders with the disadvantaged.

The crisis has undoubtedly had the merit of showing the collective dimension of ethical issues and to remind us that we must all work together. The uncertain financial environment and, in general, the tests require us to put our collective intelligence to build a more harmonious and just future.

Our upcoming projects are not intended to efface the past, nor the present, but extend them. In a few days, we commemorate the centennial of the 1911 Constitution. I wanted to surround the celebration with a certain solemnity, but also a certain relevance, so that we remember that the Principality has always been built on the union of the Prince of Monaco, even in troubled or difficult times.

In our country, every generation has always added a stone to those posed by its predecessors, our institutions are strongly cemented. It is in this spirit that the Principality is both aware of its limitations and animated by the desire to overcome them.

On July 1 and 2, the population of Monaco and Charlene accompany myself to celebrate our marriage, expressing publicly the union between our dynasty and the people of Monaco, which guarantees the continuity of the Principality, and which will open up a the shared joy, a new page in our common history.

I wish our young people every success, and through effort, training and work, they will find the place they aspire to occupy at the heart of society. To our seniors, to whom we owe much, I express my gratitude, especially for their gift of giving us generations to come. I also express to them the hope of health and serenity.

To all those who, in Monaco, through their their business, their action or work, have developed projects which contribute to the economic and social life of our country, I hope that their efforts thrive in this achievement.

To each and everyone of you who live in our country or who have made an impact abroad, I repeat: Very Happy New Year 2011.